When you think of Airbnb, what comes to mind? If you’re like most, you think of people opening their homes (apartments, condos, houses, etc.) to strangers. In the early days of Airbnb, that was the primary ways hosts used the platform, but things have since changed.

In 2017, Airbnb announced a partnership with the association of Independent Hospitality Professionals (AIHP) to make it easier for bed-and-breakfast owners to share their space on the Airbnb platform.

This arrangement changed the way bed and breakfast owners did business, by providing bed-and-breakfast owners with an effective marketing alternative, to costly online travel agencies (OTAs) that charged commissions of up to 30 percent.

Consider these facts; Airbnb has more than six million listings across the globe, and on any given night, there are two million guests staying in a property listed on the platform.

That in mind, there’s no arguing that you should at least consider listing your inventory on Airbnb. If you’re curious about how much you can earn by listing your spaces on Airbnb, check out the Airbnb income calculator, here.

How Airbnb helps bed-and-breakfast owners

Now that Airbnb is focused on expanding beyond individual homes, it only makes sense that the company is doubling down on helping professional hosts. A few ways Airbnb helps bed-and-breakfast owners include:

  • Offering new property criteria such as: vacation home, unique space, B&B, and boutique.
  • Charging lower fees than traditional online travel agencies (OTAs).
  • Not requiring long-term contracts. On Airbnb, bed-and-breakfast operators are free to choose when listings appear on the site.
  • Providing access to a global community of guests from more than 191 countries across the globe.

Going beyond those benefits, Airbnb recognizes that hospitality professionals have more intensive requirements than those of standard hosts. That’s the reason Airbnb created their professional host division, which focuses on: bed-and-breakfast owners, hoteliers, and other commercial hosts.

Some of the tools Airbnb provides bed-and-breakfast operators include:

  • Bulk listing management tools that enable bed-and-breakfast managers to process multiple listings at once.
  • Enhanced pricing and availability rules. Rates can be set on a per-room basis, and availability can be adjusted based on seasonal trends.
  • Support for standard fees in addition to nightly rates. Bed-and-breakfast owners can now charge management or resort fees.
  • Pro marketing pages: Bed-and-breakfast owners now get a customized URL that points to a page containing

Those things in mind, as a bed-and-breakfast operator, you can’t afford to ignore Airbnb, as it is a proven revenue booster for all types of hospitality businesses. In fact, we’ve seen bed-and-breakfast operators earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per year off of Airbnb bookings alone.

Get listed on Airbnb today

Getting your bed-and-breakfast listed on Airbnb might sound complicated, but in reality you can get up and running with minimal effort. How? You just need to outsource the creation process to experts.

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